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By: Lhadze Bosiljevac

When was it taken? October 26, 2012

Who is in this photo? Homeless man and his pet

Where was the photo taken? On Shattuck st., Berkeley, C.A.

Tell us more about the photo or the subject's story:
I live in the bay area, which is HIGHLY congested with homeless people. Unlike many people I know I literally cannot help but cry when I see people without homes and with pets on the streets only covered in the clothes they wear. This picture was originally for another photo contest, because my goal was to show that homeless people are PEOPLE. There is still a life, a bright side to them which we all ignore when we walk past them. I had the chance to hear his friends story, who was much more open than the man in the picture. These people are intelligent and humble. The dog did not attack, bark or yelp. Before I even had gotten to the picture the man was feeding his little burrito to the dog first. What was touching was he does not have anything, but his dog and his friend. What caught me was his eyes, and the pureness and the brightness was extremely captivating. And his relation to the dog in the picture is almost like a bitter sweet tale that they have experienced together. On that day I talked to 4 homeless people and shot many pictures. But nothing was as touching as his portrait. To me, this picture shows the struggle of human kind, but the dog adds a soft beauty that we don't see in people without homes.

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